Family & Spousal Group Life Insurance (FSGLI)

The Veteran’s Opportunities Act of 2001 extended life insurance coverage to spouses and children of servicemembers under the SGLI program effective 1 November 2001.

Family coverage is available for the spouses and children of:

a. Active duty servicemembers and
b. Members of the Ready Reserve of a uniformed service

Note: Family coverage is available only for members who are insured under the SGLI program. Additionally, it is not available for those insured under the VGLI program.

Coverage amounts for spouses range from $10,000 up to a maximum of $100,000 of coverage depending upon the amount of coverage in place on the servicemember (the spouse coverage amount may not exceed the amount of the servicemember’s coverage). Rates are based on the age of the spouse and increase in five year increments. Each dependent child is covered automatically for $10,000. Coverage for children is free.

For details and rates, visit the web site at Servicemembers retain the option to decline the dependent coverage as well as select a lower amount than the maximum coverage.

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