Back pain relief: solutions for veterans

back pain relief for veterans - cervical spine

Several years ago, scientists from Buffalo VA Medical Center discovered that back pain is one of the most common health problems among veterans. Many veterans who faced this problem didn’t, however, had the right solution or treatment that would help them release the pain. In this article, veterans can learn about some great techniques and treatments for their back problems.

Back pain in veterans

As many as 24 million Americans per year are suffering from chronic back pain, which makes this health issue one of the most annoying for people of all ages. However, there weren’t many effective solutions to treat back pain – only drugs and surgeries in severe cases.

Now, people can get alternative treatments that not only are less invasive, but they also provide greater effects. Some of them include yoga or chiropractic treatment, as well as spinal manipulation or physical therapy. Not all the treatment are the same – some will work better with one type of back pain, while others might suit some other types of spinal issues.

The importance of proper treatment of spine and back issues is great: it will allow veterans to have a normal life, without pain. Also, it will help them not to feel any physical limitations that might occur with spinal disorders.

back pain relief for veterans - cervical spineCervical Spine

One of the most common disorders that happen to veterans is a cervical spine disorder. This part of the spine is very delicate since it contains crucial nerves that control our movements. Back Pain Relief for Veterans – Cervical Spine especially – can be achieved with the help of chiropractic therapy and spinal manipulation.

Since any type of spinal pain can cause troubles for veterans and their return to the civilian life, it’s important to find a reliable chiropractor who can perform a successful cervical spine therapy.

Lower Back Pain

A few years ago, doctor Erik J. Groessl and his team conducted a research among 150 veterans with lower back problems. They all have submitted to the 12-week yoga treatment to help them deal with their condition. Doctor Groessl and his team found out that veterans who completed the yoga treatment had much better results on disability questionnaire.

If you thought that’s remarkable, wait until you read this. The research has continued for another 6 months, and the results were astonishing. The pain intensity scores continued to drop with those veterans who continued with the yoga classes, in comparison to the ones that were in a delayed-treatment group.

Additional Treatments

Some records show that tai-chi can also be helpful in treating back pain in veterans. Soldiers that injured their back with carrying heavy lift also found that acupuncture can help them deal with the pain more effectively. Lastly, an intense massage can also help release the pain.

The best treatment can also be a combination of chiropractic, massage, acupuncture and yoga – so don’t be afraid to explore what brings the best effect for you and your health.

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