The AR15 is a weapon that is commonly used for several security purposes. There are many other security weapons that aren’t only used in the military but some civilians are also allowed to keep those weapons under some clear restrictions. We’re not going to talk about the legal or illegal use of these weapons but we’ll only focus on the evolution of these weapons.

We are going to talk about the weapons that have become very popular over the past few years and that are commonly being used in the military. There are several types of weapons that are used in the military but some of the weapons are rarely used as they’re extremely dangerous while other weapons are used in regular practice.

AR15 and some similar weapons are used for regular practice and the military officers also carry those weapons with them when fighting with the enemies. There are several elements that are extremely important for these weapons such as the best ar15 scopes reviewed here by Let’s take a look at how these weapons have evolved over the past few years.


These weapons were able to carry a limited amount of bullets in them which was very dangerous for someone during a fight. The manufacturers designed the big size chambers and magazines for these weapons so the soldiers can fight back the enemies for a longer time. Now, you can insert more bullets in the chamber/magazine as compared to the past.

Rapid Fire Feature

The rapid-fire feature wasn’t found in these weapons in the past which very irritating for the soldiers and shooters. The manufacturers considered it as a bigger problem and they applied several changes to the weapon to facilitate the soldiers. Finally, they introduced the rapid fire feature in their weapons. This feature allows the shooter to shoot the fire rapidly.

These types of weapons are commonly used during the wars because this helps soldiers kill as many enemies as possible. Sometimes, these weapons are used to kill the over-populated species of animals. However, the use of these weapons is strictly forbidden for traditional hunting.

Cleaning the barrel

In the past, people had to spend hours to clean the barrel because a dirty barrel can make it difficult for the bullet to reach the exact position. The latest weapons are made with the special material that doesn’t require enough cleaning. Now, you can easily clean the barrel of your weapon without wasting your time.

Latest models

There are some new models introduced that look very amazing. The passionate shooters can now keep those stylish looking weapons in their collection of different weapons. These latest models do not only look stylish but their performance is also improved a lot as compared to the previous models. The manufacturers have focused on providing more functions in the latest models.