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Taking a look at the evolution of AR15 and other military gear in the past 30 years

The AR15 is a weapon that is commonly used for several security purposes. There are many other security weapons that aren’t only used in the military but some civilians are also allowed to keep those weapons under some clear restrictions. We’re not going to talk about the legal or illegal use of these weapons but we’ll only focus on the evolution of these weapons.

We are going to talk about the weapons that have become very popular over the past few years and that are commonly being used in the military. There are several types of weapons that are used in the military but some of the weapons are rarely used as they’re extremely dangerous while other weapons are used in regular practice.

AR15 and some similar weapons are used for regular practice and the military officers also carry those weapons with them when fighting with the enemies. There are several elements that are extremely important for these weapons such as the best ar15 scopes reviewed here by Let’s take a look at how these weapons have evolved over the past few years.


These weapons were able to carry a limited amount of bullets in them which was very dangerous for someone during a fight. The manufacturers designed the big size chambers and magazines for these weapons so the soldiers can fight back the enemies for a longer time. Now, you can insert more bullets in the chamber/magazine as compared to the past.

Rapid Fire Feature

The rapid-fire feature wasn’t found in these weapons in the past which very irritating for the soldiers and shooters. The manufacturers considered it as a bigger problem and they applied several changes to the weapon to facilitate the soldiers. Finally, they introduced the rapid fire feature in their weapons. This feature allows the shooter to shoot the fire rapidly.

These types of weapons are commonly used during the wars because this helps soldiers kill as many enemies as possible. Sometimes, these weapons are used to kill the over-populated species of animals. However, the use of these weapons is strictly forbidden for traditional hunting.

Cleaning the barrel

In the past, people had to spend hours to clean the barrel because a dirty barrel can make it difficult for the bullet to reach the exact position. The latest weapons are made with the special material that doesn’t require enough cleaning. Now, you can easily clean the barrel of your weapon without wasting your time.

Latest models

There are some new models introduced that look very amazing. The passionate shooters can now keep those stylish looking weapons in their collection of different weapons. These latest models do not only look stylish but their performance is also improved a lot as compared to the previous models. The manufacturers have focused on providing more functions in the latest models.

The top tours and destinations in Kauai to remember Pearl Harbor and Our Soldiers

The soldiers of a country deserve a lot of respect as they protect the country from enemies. They do not only sacrifise their life but also their desires for the sake of your safety. And most importantly they leave their family which is not an easy thing to do.

People who really admire the efforts of these soldiers like to visit the places, that have some link with the martyred soldiers, who sacrificed their lives for the safety of their country and their own people. You must keep these places in your list if you are looking for different tours in Kauai, Hi.

Pearl Harbor is one of the places where you can go and discover memories related to the soldiers. Have a look at the top tour and destinations in Kauai that are related to our soldiers.


Every year you can see a number of visitors at this place who come to pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the battle for the sake of their country.

If you want your family to pay tribute to the soldiers or want to teach your kids that how important their country is, then you should definitely bring them for a visit here and tell them about the stories of different soldiers who didn’t even think of their lives and families while protecting the country.


USS Bowfin submarine is one of the most amazing places you can go to visit. You can have a tour of this submarine in just $12 and definitely, you will love it.

You can visit this place between 8 am to 5 pm. This is one of the best experiences when you want to see how navy spends months in the submarine. It’s quite narrow inside so you can experience how they adjust themselves in the submarines.


This museum is one of the most anticipated places. In Pacific Aviation museum, you are going to find every little detail about the war and the sacrifices of soldiers and also about how they defeated the enemies.

This place is quite amazing for the kids when you want them to take interest in the life of soldiers. The price of the ticket is only $25 but the information available there is worth more than that. You will get 2 hours to explore the place properly.


When you want to know about the soldiers who laid their lives for the sake of country or if you want to see the graveyards of all the soldiers, then this is the place where you can pray for them.

The National Cemetery is the place where you can see a huge number of soldiers sacrificed their lives for others. Here you are going to experience an amazing feeling of patriotism inside you and you will be thankful to them as well.

How the National Guard helps in fire and other Natural Disaster situations?

We’re living in an unpredicted world. We are completely unaware of what is going to happen to us in the next few minutes or even in the next few seconds. We’re completely blank about what is going to happen next. Nature is a very beautiful thing that God has gifted us but when it gets angry it becomes worst and destroys everything that comes in its way.

There are several Natural Disasters that we’ve heard of such as Tsunamis, Earth quakes, tornadoes and much more. We need to be always prepared for such kind of disasters as we never know that when are they going to occur. In case of a natural disaster, you may take help from a national guard as they’re completely trained about how they need to react in several situations.

For example, if you’ve seen a house on fire, you may ask the fire watch guards to help you out if you can find them near you. There are several other duties that a National Guard performs during natural disasters.

Let’s take a look at several duties that National Guards perform so that you may learn that how can you take advantage of their services and find the best possible solution.

Provide Directions

National Guards are completely aware of the directions of a city and they can guide you to a proper location even if all the landmarks are destroyed because they’re trained to use the compass in such kind of situations. They can also help you find a hospital if you don’t know that where the hospital is.

Helping the injured people

People who’re injured and are unable to walk to the hospital can also take help from National Guards as they’re trained to carry such people to the hospital carefully. They’ll arrange the proper equipment to carry the person and then they’ll find the way to get them to the hospital without getting them into any kind of trouble.

Avoid Panic

One thing that’s very difficult to control is the people who start panicking in such situations. Most of the people who panic in such situations have never faced any of such situations before that’s why they panic due to fear and terror but they don’t realize that panic spreads terror due to which many others also start panicking which can create a great fuss.

In this situation, national guards can help calm such people by helping them find the right solution to their problem and find the right directions.

Supplication of food

Supplying the food to the disastrous locations is one of the difficult tasks in such conditions. National Guards can help supply the food to the exact location. National Guards can also direct the NGOs reach the needy people so that they may help them out.

National Guards can help you find a proper solution to your problem in such conditions so consider consulting them if you suffer from any natural disaster.

The development of military backpacks throughout the WW1 and WW2

military backpacks

From its beginnings, a man was looking for a way to carry his gear and supplies with him. That lead to the invention of a backpack, which found its purpose throughout the history. The most notable usage of backpacks is in war times, where soldiers would carry their weapon, ammo and essential supplies of food and water.military backpacks

Military Backpacks, however, have somewhat a different story. Although they were made out of everyday bags and sacks used in travelings, military backpacks were more functional than the ordinary ones. In this article read about a short history of military backpacks throughout the WW1 and WW2. 

WW1 Backpacks

Around 1910, backpacks used for soldiers and troops on the field were facing some major changes, which will define the looks of a modern military backpack till our days. The developers of military gear in the US were concerned to improve the current model (Soldier’s Trunk). Their efforts lead to the invention of a new model, M1910. The main feature of this backpack was his weight capacity because developers found that no soldier shouldn’t carry the weight that exceeds the two-thirds of his own body weight.

However, the new and improved M1910 had one significant flow, too. It entailed only one compartment which wasn’t an enclosed space. The developers used a rectangular canvas which needed to be folded and unfolded every time a soldier wanted to take something out of the backpack. The complexity of the design was such that they invented four-page instructions manual to go with it!

The result? A backpack with no practical purpose and low-efficiency rate. Foot soldiers usually went on long distance marches (sometimes 25 miles in one take), and carrying equipment in such a backpack meant struggling along the way.

WW2 Backpacks

At the beginning of the WW2, the standard military backpack was M-1928. The disadvantage of this military gear was the poor weight distribution. Each time a soldier would climb on the hill or go through the snow, a weight would shift sides. That would throw the soldier off the balance, making his moving difficult.

Military developers came to an idea to make a wired frame which should support the canvas of a backpack. The frame played a supporting role, helping the soldier to keep the weight stable during the march.

During WW2, military backpacks were frequently modified and improved. This period saw the rise of many military gear manufacturing companies. The models distributed were similar in design: the main feature of WW2 military backpacks was side pockets. With the enclosed compartments and side pockets, military backpacks become the soldier’s best friend. The capacity of carrying military gear, first aid kits, and food and water supplies were greater than in previous models.

Military backpacks today

Modern military backpacks have a lot in common with WW2 backpacks, especially in regards to design. Although the materials changed, the idea of having a reliable carrying sack remained the basis of modern backpacks, too.

Typical Food Available for Soldiers Back in WWI and WWII

Food for soldiers back in the day was not always a pretty sight.  With poor conditions and a lack of options, it’s hard to imagine how so many men were able to still fight while being forced to eat the food they were given.  There were no XMRE Meals or fresh water like there is today.  Especially in WWI, soldiers struggled mightily to find a decent meal.  To shed a little light on exactly what went on back then, we decided to take a look at the typical meals for soldiers back in WWI and WWII.


During World War I, a new style of fighting had emerged: trench warfare. For weeks, soldiers were holed up in unsanitary trenches while trying to gain the upper hand on their enemy. During this time, these men got their food in daily rations, and the availability of meat and vegetables varied. For those were positioned on the frontline of the war, it wasn’t uncommon to eat a meat stew and hard biscuit each day. Corned beef and bread were typical WWI staples, although theoretically, troops were supposed to also have vegetables, jam, and butter as well. Unfortunately, these delicacies became harder to obtain as time went on.


During World War II, food for soldiers consisted a lot of canned goods–and for good reason. Canned foods were fairly easy to come by, and they didn’t need to be preserved in a cool environment. Oftentimes, troops could be seen with canned macaroni, Spam, dried eggs and like always, candy was a tasty, popular choice. Being able to keep powdered eggs and milk that were easy to prepare was crucial for keeping a balanced diet for fighters on the front line–even if these supplements didn’t taste the same. Chocolate was also important–the company, Hershey’s, specifically made a chocolate bar for World War II soldiers that had a significantly higher nutritional value and melting point. Unfortunately, with these changes, the chocolate lost some of its beloved flavors and was often used as a last resort for sustenance.

Overall, the diets of a WWI soldier compared to a WWII soldier are somewhat different. World War I struggled to keep their troops consuming a balanced diet with limited supplies of vegetables and fresh meat. With the introduction of so much canned food in World War II, this goal was slightly more achievable, and although dried eggs and powdered milk didn’t sound appetizing, it could easily be followed up with a little candy or chocolate for flavor. Even today, as the concept of what a soldier needs food-wise to perform their best is evolving, nutritionists and dieticians are still fighting to find accessible, healthy options.

What are the effective ways of self-defence?

When it comes to self-defence, there are several useful techniques that you can take help from. There are different kinds of kung-fu or karate techniques that you can learn to defend yourself. We’re not asking you to be a professional kung-fu master, but there are a few basic techniques that can help you stay secure at all the times.

If you’ve given try to these techniques and weren’t able to learn them, don’t worry because there are other options for you out there that you can take help from. If you think that you are not strong enough to fight against the enemy or you don’t have the potential to learn the basic self-defence techniques then you must take advantage of the different self-defence tools that are available in the stores for your comfort and benefit.

But you need to be very careful when buying such tools that whether they are legal or not. Stun guns are tasers are the most popular tools that are used for self-defence in different parts of the world and they are legal as well.

There are different kinds of varieties available for you if you want to buy one or more weapons for protection. But before making a purchase you need to be able to differentiate between stun guns and tasers and decide that which tool will work best for you in terms of use for self-protection.

Defense – dfars 252.204-7012

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Stun Gun

For the purposes of self-defence, you can easily use the stun guns. Having a stun gun makes a person feel more secure. A stun gun temporarily disables the attacker for several minutes leaving him dazed and stunned. In the meantime, the victim can get out of the attack situation.

Following a stun gun strike, the attacker loses all control of balance, his muscles become extremely tense and the temporary paralysis ensues. The attacker losses the muscular control and falls down when paralyzed.

Taser Fundamentals

The difference between a taser and stun gun is clearly manifest as you can protect yourself against the attack from a distance if you have a taser with you but if you own a stun gun you need to get in direct connection with the attacker to take him down.

Most of the people don’t prefer stun gun with a fear that they might get harmed during the direct contact with the attacker. If you’re also one of them and want to stay at a distance when securing yourself against the attacker, then you must choose a taser for self-defence.

There is a wide range of tasers available in the stores these days that you may choose from. We suggest you take a look at the reviews of top rated tasor batons before you go to purchase one for you.

Once you’ve gone through the reviews, you’ll be able to find the best self-defense tool for you.


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